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Sam Curry

VP & CISO in Residence

Sam Curry | VP & CISO
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The notion that the perimeter can stop serious, advanced attacks has long been put to rest.
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Transformation Journey

Sam Curry is a 30-year veteran of the cybersecurity industry. He began his career in signals and cryptanalysis and was the first employee at Signal 9 Solutions, a small start-up that invented the personal firewall, executed the first commercial implementation of Blowfish, and devised early stealthy (symmetric key) VPN technology that was ultimately sold to McAfee.

Sam would go on to serve as Chief Security Architect there and as head of Product for before holding several positions at RSA including head of RSA labs at MIT, head of product, and CTO, as well as Distinguished Engineer for EMC. After seven years with RSA, Curry acted as SVP and CISO at Microstrategy, CSO & CTO for Arbor Networks before it became Netscout, and as CSO for Cyberreason. 

Sam is a Forbes contributor, holds 17 active patents in cybersecurity and a master’s degree in counterterrorism, and sits on two boards of directors. In addition, he teaches courses at Harvard (online), Wentworth Technology Institute, and Nichols College. He is also a Fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University.

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