CXO Executive Circle
CXO Executive Circle
Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Officers

Embracing the right technology, enabling strategies, and driving business objectives

Generate business value, differentiate competitively, and raise organizational resilience

Tech leaders are at the helm of the digital economy driven by a cloud-first, hybrid-work future.
This CXO Executive Circle is where CIOs collaborate, connect, and support one another in aligning technology and business goals.

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How you complete the circle

Solving problems alone is no fun. Working in pairs is a leap forward. But a circle composed of passionate experts, you get exponential gains. Every circle is led by a Zscaler CXO facilitator and is set up for meaningful contributions that lead to break-through ideas. They're confidential, intimate, and forge professional bonds in ways that one-off events can't.

Phil Armstrong

If you’re looking to gain insights and the unfiltered truth, nothing beats hearing from people who have ‘been there and done that’ in real life. Question, listen, and share your experiences with the architects of today’s modern designs.

Phil Armstrong,
EVP & CIO (former)

Helmuth Ludwig

CIOs are relentless learners and improve continuously. I was lucky to learn from my CIO colleagues at other companies and found one of the best environments was the peer exchange in small group settings.

Helmuth Ludwig,
Professor of Practice for Strategy and Entrepreneurship (former CIO)

Carlos Amesquita

Strategic, trusted collaboration with our peers provides us with deep insights that enable us to accelerate our companies' transformations.

Carlos Amesquita,
former CIO