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C-suite lessons in AI fairness and explainability with C Minds, a women-led action tank

Dec 19, 2021
C-suite lessons in AI fairness

In the final episode of 2021, we hit pause on cybersecurity and welcome special guest Claudia May Del Pozo, director of the Eon Resilience Lab at C Minds for an important perspective on AI fairness and inclusion.

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Host Rohit Adlakha and guest Claudia May Del Pozo explore advancements in AI through the lens of Latin America, including regional challenges, public-private cooperation, and how women leaders and experts in humanities can partner with technologists to create more equitable outcomes. 
C Minds is a women-led action tank that works in the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment, with a strong focus in Latin America. It achieves this by designing digital policies and ethical frameworks and deploying initiatives that harness artificial intelligence (“AI”) to advance sustainable development goals. 


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