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CIOs unplugged: driving business strategy for the digital age

Jan 27, 2022
Driving business strategy for the digital age

In this tell-all episode, host Rohit Adlaka and guests Karl Hoods, chief digital and information officer at BEIS, and Christoph Heidler, VP of global transformation strategy & CIO-EMEA at Zscaler, discuss the changes afoot for CIOs to deliver growth, digitalization, and efficiency while maintaining resilience and agility. With customer and employee expectations only increasing, cyber threats multiplying, and competition growing fiercer, how do technology leaders cope with a milieu of seemingly impossible digital complexity? Listen in for answers with insights into:

  • Managing accelerated change across the IT landscape
  • Driving a fantastic user experience
  • Integrating security transformation 
  • Aligning closer to corporate boards
  • Attracting talent and promoting the CIO function 

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The CIO Evolution, a CXO REvolutionaries podcast sponsored by Zscaler CIOs are a special breed of executive: the Swiss Army Knife of leaders. They lead the innovation agenda and use technology to power the capabilities that deliver business outcomes. This podcast covers the art and science of business transformation and the tools CIOs use: cloud, mobile, AI, zero trust. More importantly, it investigates the true essence of digital leadership.