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From the CXOs themselves: Perspectives on a year of CXO REvolutionaries

Apr 25, 2022
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One of the top ways the CXO REvolutionaries program adds value is through the exposure of unique perspectives of experienced IT leaders who’ve led digital transformation initiatives within their own organizations. These big thinkers and bold visionaries help us to advance the promise of zero trust – modern infrastructure, reduced operating costs, fewer breaches – each day.

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we asked some of our CXO REvolutionaries what they felt they got out of the program – and why they want to be a part of the zero trust movement. Here's what ten of them shared:

Carlos Amesquita, Global CIO, The Hershey Company (former)

"The CXO REvolutionaries is a one-of-a-kind program. The initiative of bringing together CXOs across industries, to discuss and share experiences and learn about the ever-changing risks associated with cyber threats, is a breakthrough yet simple idea. The cybersecurity war can only be won, or at least contained, if companies collaborate to elevate the organizational knowledge, understanding, and options to prevent and contain attacks. One of these options is Zero Trust, which has been heavily discussed in this forum. I can't emphasize how important these conversations have been for getting executives and cybersecurity leaders on the same page about the growing threats of the digital world."

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Rohit Adlakha, Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ (former) 

"It’s been a superlative experience to partner with the Zscaler CXO REvolutionaries in driving zero trust across the globe. With the digital paradigm disrupting the human ecosystem, AI, trust and cybersecurity are coming to the forefront. I believe the CXO REvolutionaries program adds value by helping:

  • Prospects evolving their zero trust journey and needing guidance
  • Prospects who have a definite requirement and are evaluating Zscaler as a prospective partner
  • Customers who have implemented Zscaler and we need an independent view of the health of the engagement

The program has also allowed me to assist teams with strategic thinking and getting to a CXO level, as well as by driving thought leadership through blogs and podcasts. CXO Revolutionaries is a 'revolutionary' idea bringing the best minds in the industry to impact customers and partners in this fast-evolving digital paradigm."

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Simon Hodgkinson, CISO, bp, plc (former)

"The CXO Revolutionaries program is unique! There are many forums that address the individual challenges of the CIO, CTO, or CISO, however, this program is designed to address the challenges collectively. It is only by bringing these diverse challenges, perspectives, and experiences together can we address the challenge of large-scale digital transformation, at pace, whilst ensuring we are secure by design. Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in geopolitical tension being played out in cyberspace, an increase in the sophistication of adversaries, and a rapidly expanding digital landscape driven by digital transformation, so it is critical we come together as a CXO community to manage the risk. Kudos to Kavitha and team!"

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David Cagigal, CIO, State of Wisconsin (former)

"The program is a one-of-a-kind experience and I'm surprised more providers have not innovated in a similar way. What EVP Customer Experience and Transformation Kavitha Mariappan and her team have built is world-class. For us executives and customers, it allows us to continue our influence in the industry and share our diverse experiences and perspectives in ways that help others on their career journeys."

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Greg Simpson, CTO, Synchrony (former)

"CXO REvolutionaries provides the peer engagement that we need in today's fast-paced world. Whether it is a security challenge, a career challenge, or a life opportunity, there are often others experiencing similar circumstances. The opportunity to network on key issues allows us all to benefit from each other's wisdom and life experiences. I hope others will be revolutionary and join the CXO revolutionaries on the journey ahead!"

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Karl Hoods, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

"There’s power in building communities and sharing stories. We all face a common challenge in protecting our organisations against the increasing threat landscape and the real value in CXO REvolutionaries is bringing together leaders across a diverse range of sectors to share knowledge and experience on the road to zero trust. The sharing of lived experiences and the journey we’re all taking is invaluable."

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Ken Athanasiou, CISO, VF Corporation

"The level of engagement provided across peers and within the company itself by the CXO Revolutionaries program is fantastic. The chance to interact with multiple “been there, done that” perspectives greatly increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and speed to implementation. Everyone’s zero trust journey is slightly different and what it means to an individual organization continues to evolve as they walk their journey, but this program provides guideposts and trail markers so they don’t get lost in the woods."

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Craig Williams, SVP, CIO, Ciena 

"The program is unique in that it brings together colleagues from different backgrounds and perspectives in different industries. This forum is critical for sharing and learning, which is extremely important in our fields as our industry is constantly pivoting. None of us have it all figured out – we must learn and continually adapt our thinking and approaches. I'm surprised more companies haven't created something similar – this is truly world-class."

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Klaus Straub, CIO & SVP, Information Management, BMW Group (former)

"The CXO REvolutionaries communication platform is a unique and high-end exchange platform for CEO, COO, CIO and other C-Level members. It was a very innovative product Zscaler launched in 2021 and Kavitha Mariappan with her team has established an outstanding intercommunication network. Events like their Virtual CXO Summits, one of which I was able to join alongside Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry, are a great way to bring together the leaders who imagine a better, more secure IT architecture for the world's businesses."

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Helmuth Ludwig, Professor of Practice for Strategy and Entrepreneurship (former CIO)

"The CXO REvolutionaries is one of the most engaged groups of thought leaders I have been involved with. It operates with a clear goal in mind: how can we make the cloud more efficient, secure, and user-friendly? Members of the group openly share their experiences and we all win by growing. It's a great group and I'm honored to be a part of it."

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