Modern Workplace

Enabling the modern workplace no matter how you slice it

Sep 21, 2021
Cloudy With a Chance of Trust Cloudy With a Chance of Trust

The modern workplace is now up to every organization to define. Enabling it, however, means the same thing: secure user access to apps and data with full visibility and granular control without compromising a seamless experience wherever that experience takes place.

In this episode, Lisa and Pam offer advice on how to deliver remote access in a hybrid environment, pull back on the risks tolerated over the last 18 months, and how legacy technologies, such as VPN and VDI can hurt more than help.

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A podcast for digital transformation leaders. Network security experts Pam Kubiatowski and Lisa Lorenzin discuss the latest cyber-attack issues, enterprise security strategies, and current security events so that you can successfully accelerate network and security transformation.