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Zscaler at Evanta: Elevate your executive network

Aug 30, 2023
Zscaler at Evanta: Elevate your executive network Zscaler at Evanta: Elevate your executive network

Evanta, a Gartner Company, is one of the most established communities where executives convene and share peer-validated insights that drive progress. These exclusive gatherings cater to the discerning needs of CIOs and CISOs, focusing on shared challenges and pivotal focal points that are intrinsic to the leadership realms of these roles.

We are partners with Evanta, and you can meet with our executive team directly to learn about our perspectives on business and digital transformation at a program in your region. 

Having spent a few transformative years at Evanta before joining Zscaler, I appreciate maintaining a connection as we continue to bridge communities and perspectives. During my time at Evanta, I oversaw content strategy and creation for numerous C-level virtual and in-person events around the globe. At Zscaler, I leverage my deep experience in working with IT and security leaders and understanding their needs. Through countless interviews and deep dives with CIOs and CISOs, I've seen the significance of fostering connections among peers, especially while undergoing major organizational transformations.

I have seen repeatedly that by participating in thoughtful content and candid networking discussions, you can become a better leader.

Why You Should Be Part of This:

  • Direct Access: Forge a direct line of communication with the Zscaler executive team, including our CEO Jay Chaudhry and Chief Innovation Officer Patrick Foxhoven.
  • Collaborative Exchange: Participate in one-day localized sessions designed for intimate dialogues with your fellow C-level peers.
  • Relevant Discussions: Navigate through today's pressing concerns for CIOs and CISOs, spanning secure digital transformation, organizational resilience amid uncertainties, and driving sustainable value.

Take advantage of this unique chance to connect, contribute, and gain fresh perspectives from fellow executives. I hope you're able to join us at an upcoming Evanta program in your region. 

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