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Gülay Stelzmüllner

Chief Technology Officer

Gülay Stelzmüllner
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When it comes to transformation, you must have early buy-in from decision-makers and stakeholders. It is crucial how you tell the transformation story. The story starts the 'engine.'
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Transformation Journey

Gülay is an experienced IT manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical manufacturing and financial industries. As a computer scientist, she is passionate about driving secure digital transformation and innovation in large enterprises. In her previous role, she paved the way for the IT department to become the business enabler by leading several digitalization initiatives such as OneActiveDirectory, Cloud1st, network, and security transformations.

Lessons Learned

Think global, act local is my motto and one essential success factor for running global transformations successfully. If you try to gain an understanding of global strategy without paying attention to the local culture and situations that people are in, you won’t succeed.

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