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John Valente

Security Advisor

John Valente, Security Advisor
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Information technology and security are a vital part of every organization–one cannot exist without the other. The unprecedented speed at which these functions are changing requires leaders to build and retain strong versatile teams that can keep pace.

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Transformation Journey

John has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. His professional information technology career includes various leadership positions with Citibank, Pepsi, Dell, Accenture, Best Buy, and 3M, before retiring in late 2019.  John’s career focused mainly on IT infrastructure, architecture, and management.  He has experience in building and managing large global organizations and has focused on information security, risk, and compliance for the last 12 years, five years each as CISO of Best Buy and 3M.  John has served on several security advisory boards and is currently a CXO Executive Advisor for Zscaler.