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Saša Zdjelar

SVP, Security Assurance (former)

Saša Zdjelar
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The industry has invested disproportionally on the probability side of risk reduction — now we have an opportunity to reduce both the probability and the blast radius of cybersecurity incidents with zero trust architecture.
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Transformation Journey

Nothing beats Fortune 10 experience — the challenges are bigger and often global, the compliance and regulatory climate is diverse, the cybersecurity stakes are higher, the sales cycles are longer and the processes are complex. But the opportunity space to solve for that complexity and deliver business value at scale are also huge, and it takes a highly effective leader to be successful in such an environment.

As a business, technology, and security professional with ~20 years of experience leading global teams in the Energy and Technology industries, executing large portfolios of work, solving complex business problems, designing enterprise systems, developing standards, managing products, services and people, advising executive management and c-suite/board about security and technology concerns and developing new generations of leaders, Saša brings passion for security, technology, business, and innovation to my work. He thrives on greenfield challenges and standing up new teams and capabilities. He enjoys whiteboarding sessions to distill highly complex concepts and creating “Aha!” moments for executive management. Taking ideas from incubation to commercialization, developing a vision, articulating a strategy, and then building the necessary coalition of support to execute is where his background and experience are best put to use.