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Christoph Schuhwerk

CISO in Residence

Christoph Schuhwerk | CISO in Residence | Zscaler
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“Security is a mindset, not a technology. While tools and services help reduce complexity and establish central control, companies must embrace the idea of engaging their entire workforce in making security a priority.”
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Transformation Journey

Christoph is a senior enterprise architect, cloud, network, and cyber security expert with more than 20 years experience across various industries, company sizes, and cultures. After almost a decade in global technology and strategy consulting, he led cloud and zero trust transformations at the E.ON group, the largest European energy provider, where he was also a member of the group’s foresight circle. He is highly engaged in the field of sustainability, where he investigates applying zero trust principles to reduce energy consumption for IT infrastructure.

Lessons Learned

The reasons for successful transformations change over time. You may begin with cost reduction targets and end up with increased stability, security, or user experience being what you are celebrated for. Also, “A fool with a tool is still a fool.” Technology cannot replace skill and a willingness to change.