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Yves Le Gelard

Former Group CIO and Chief Digital Officer

Yves Le Legard
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It's essential that the drivers of digital transformation at enterprise organizations have a seat at the big table. If business leaders don't witness executive buy-in, adoption will be painfully slow.
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Transformation Journey

Based in France, Yves is a former executive at ENGIE, where he served as the Group CIO and Chief Digital Officer for seven years. Prior to that, Yves held senior executive roles at SAP and Fujitsu. While at ENGIE, Yves supported the digital transformation of over 115 thousand users to Zscaler Internet Access, 49 thousand users to Zscaler Private Access, and was one of the first to leverage the Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) platform. ENGIE began its zero trust journey in 2017 as 25 separate independent business units as a result of many mergers and acquisitions. Yves drove the successful standardization of O365, Okta, and Zscaler across its business units.


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