Zero Trust

Forum officially opens on CXO REvolutionaries

Aug 30, 2021
CXO REvolutionaries forum launch

CXO communities are all the rage these days and chances are you are in several. And it makes sense. There’s a lot to accomplish and the pace of business and technology is getting ever more frantic so we turn to each other for tips and advice. 

The leaders featured on CXO REvolutionaries have a common purpose even if they’re from all over the globe across industries and various roles: the desire to collaborate and help each other solve problems. They also happen to know a thing or two about zero trust and have stepped through the buzz to experience its relevance and transformative power. 

Today, we are pleased to formally launch the CXO REvolutionaries forum, the part of the platform where you can meet such REvolutionaries along with executives and advisors, discuss key issues, and pose questions across a broad range of topics. Since our soft launch not long ago, there’s already several dozen members and over 25 discussions that you can explore and join once you register.  

Here are a few sample discussions from Zscaler contributors:

That’s just the start. The community of CXO REvolutionaries have stories and successes that get to the core of secure digital transformation using zero trust architectures. If any of the following topics have come up recently then you know you can belong:

  • How to start secure digital transformation
  • How to architect zero trust into your legacy environment
  • How zero trust accelerates business initiatives
  • What issues you might face creating a new hybrid work environment
  • Want to engage in a discussion about a past CXO event?
  • Want to ask a CXO REvolutionary a question about how they tackled secure digital transformation? 

In conjunction with the content and CXO events, by adding the forum to CXO REvolutionaries, you can benefit from the successful digital transformation experience of your peers in an exclusive online setting, open 24/7. You can also help shape the community itself as the technology supporting it allows us to evolve to add value. So join early, get recognition, and become part of something great. 
Check out and sign up to the forum now.