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Let’s get SASE

May 14, 2021
Cloudy With a Chance of Trust Cloudy With a Chance of Trust

Topics Covered:

  • How does transitioning to SASE change a typical organization structure
    • Why are people transitioning to SASE?
      • People and apps are anywhere now…
      • Need to be agile, and enable the business 
    • What are some of the things to think about prior to starting the journey
      • Focus on your technical staff not only the skills but their mindset...are they open to change and what that means
      • The relationships and dependencies between various groups such as Cyber and Network
      • What areas may be lacking with this change
      • Do you have legacy environments
      • Do you have the right visibility
    • Do you recommend doing a POC and what should someone focus on or look for?
      • Don't only think about what is working and what isn't think about how the change will be operationalized
      • What type of training can you get for IT and offer for all IT
      • Look at the logs determine what logs you would start with and add to them later
    • What would you tell someone who hasn't started 
      • You will uncover the sins of the past just set expectations
      • Identify a partner that can help walk you through your journey, as you don't know what you don't know..look for those who have an idea

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