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Pam Kubiatowski

CTO in Residence

Pam Kubiatowski
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After M&A completion, Zero Trust allows IT teams to focus on integrating data, systems, and applications on their own terms, where and however it best meets the business’ needs. Workforces from each company can access whatever resource they need, wherever it may be, and from wherever they may connect.
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Transformation Journey

As an IT Executive with 25 years of experience, Pam has witnessed and engaged in technical transformations and has guided global IT organizations through the change. In Pam’s previous role as the Director of Global Network Service & Data Centers, she championed the network transformation program that touched ~1100 locations in 135+ countries. Zscaler (ZIA/ZPA via ZApp) was a critical component of the transformation and advancing the security posture specifically for remote users. Having been responsible for design, implementation, and operations, Pam understands first hand the benefits and internal challenges in deploying and supporting ZIA/ZPA.

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