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The Public Sector is Using Grit and Teamwork to Tackle Cybersecurity [video]

Apr 04, 2024
How the Public Sector is Tackling Cybersecurity [video]



Local and state governments have only a fraction of the resources to protect themselves from the same cyberattacks targeting federal agencies. View an informative panel discussion on this topic between Zscaler EVP of Customer Experience Kavitha Mariappan, CISO of the State of Oklahoma, Michael Toland, CIO of the State of Arizona, J.R. Sloan, and former CIO of the State of Wisconsin David Cagigal. Their conversation explores:

  • How governments operate as an interconnected ecosystem
  • The role of trust in a whole-of-state approach
  • The value of aligning security efforts with the NIST cybersecurity framework
  • How StateRAMP is working to unify government cybersecurity processes
  • Modernizing SLED agencies
  • The value of collaboration between private and public sectors     

This conversation highlights how state a local governments can fight back against global threat actors by adopting shared standards and working together.


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