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Secure digital transformation is business transformation [podcast]

Sep 09, 2021
Secure digital transformation is business transformation

This episode of the CIO Evolution features the sage security perspectives of  JP Saini (Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Sunbelt Rentals) and Pam Kubiatowski (Field CTO, Zscaler) that connect the dots between zero trust, brand experience, leadership, and cross-industry digital modernization. 

Episode 4 contains an incredible set of insights, including:  

  • The required security capabilities for modern digital enterprises and how there is no such thing as "nice-to-haves" 
  • What has worked and not worked when it came to operationalizing the transformation journey
  • How designing experiences that build brand credibility relies on secure transactions that are frictionless
  • How zero trust can be applied to other parts of enterprise infrastructures and use cases beyond work-from-anywhere
  • The best cyber leaders might be proven non-cybersecurity executives who knows the business better than anyone in security, but can still get the security job done 

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