Zero Trust

Zscaler Private Access innovations with Tony Paterra, SVP Emerging Products

Apr 28, 2022
Cloudy With a Chance of Trust Cloudy With a Chance of Trust

Did you know having a VPN is like getting bombarded with robocalls because you decided to have your phone number listed in a telephone directory? According to Tony Paterra, SVP Emerging Products at Zscaler, with VPN you’re choosing to be a beacon for threats. In the latest episode, he joins Lisa and Pam to get to the essence of doing zero trust the right way, including the role of inline inspection of web applications, cloud and ML-powered intelligent policy, and active defense. Listen now to learn why ZTNA - minus the "N”- could be the best way to renovate your IT and cybersecurity “house”.

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A podcast for digital transformation leaders. Network security experts Pam Kubiatowski and Lisa Lorenzin discuss the latest cyber-attack issues, enterprise security strategies, and current security events so that you can successfully accelerate network and security transformation.

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