Zero Trust

How zero trust improves corporate governance and compliance

Dec 15, 2022
Zero trust corporate governance and compliance Zero trust corporate governance and compliance

Cybersecurity is about more than protecting against intrusions. Today's organizations are entrusted with reams of sensitive data belonging to employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Intellectual property and trade secrets are often highly sought after by cybercriminals and state-backed threat actors. Safeguarding this information is the responsibility of those who possess it, but advances in hacking tactics make this an increasingly difficult charge.

In this webinar in partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance, Zscaler CISO - Americas Sean Cordero and Zscaler Field CTO - Americas Pam Kubiatowski discuss the role zero trust can play in data governance, how the model can be mapped onto existing security standards, and how it aligns with business and compliance expectations.


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