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Digital transformation begins with the ClO

“For every dollar we spend in this ‘world of the cloud’, we ... see a three- to four-dollar greater return. And that is why our evolution into the cloud has become so important to us.”

— Jim Fowler, ClO, General Electric

Schneider Electric's Herve Coureil describing the benefits of adopting cloud security to enable a global workplace

Schneider Electric CDO: Adopting cloud security to enable a global workforce

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Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella wearing black square glasses, gray shirt and black suit jacket — and discussing digital transformation

Microsoft CEO:
Digital transformation
impacts every industry

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Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry talks about secure cloud transformation

Zscaler explained —
with CEO Jay Chaudhry

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NOV's Alex Phillips wearing a green button up shirt, talking about how NOV escaped appliance hell

A CIO’s Perspective: How NOV escaped appliance hell

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The CIO’s Journey:

A real-world narrative for building the future in a cloud-first world

“It’s a must-read for anyone embarking on their own cloud journey.”

– Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

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GE's CTO Chris Drumgoole wearing blue checkered button shirt black suit jacket in front of blue wall talking about transforming GE's Network

A CTO’s perspective: Transforming GE’s network

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left man in black glasses woman on right with tablet look at middle man's white laptop with the key findings of office 365 migration survey

Key findings of the Office 365 migration survey

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girl on left with glasses choosing battles during transformation while man in middle in yellow and man on right in blue look at screen

Choosing your battles during transformation

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Siemens Frederik Janssen in white shirt sitting in front of office window talking about saving 70% of cost by transforming the network

Siemens: Cutting network costs by 70% through transformation

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man standing outside in a desert wearing a black suit white shirt light blue tie holding large triangular red flag

Don’t buy a breach: 10 red flags during M&A

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city interconnected with trails of information

Gartner Research: The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud

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blue outline of brain with blue background chains of ones and zeros around brain with blue geometric webbing for machine learning and AI

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity: Hype Versus Reality

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white office in center woman and man at computers behind man and woman at desks blurry man walking between man on right at desk with laptop

Office 365 - A catalyst for network transformation

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blue circle ink stamp on white paper with word GDPR in middle lock underneath stars in circle stamper on edge of paper paperclip on right

Don't Confuse GDPR Compliance with Security

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left man juggling soccer ball middle man standing on longboard right woman going down circular silver slide in office all smiling

CIOs, kick your users off the network

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man in gray suit blue shirt black blindfold over eyes holding left arm up to guide in front of black background don't get blindsided by SSL

Don't get blindsided by SSL

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After M&A: A 3-Step Playbook

After M&A: A 3-Step Playbook

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white wall black bullseye circles blue shield at center of bullseye three plastic white arrows blue tails show hackers can target employees

Stories From The DLP Front: How Hackers Can Target Your Employees

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