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Barracuda is adding something significant to its product line: Zscaler.

March 13, 2017 - 3 min read

Zscaler and Barracuda Networks announced an important agreement today, one that will offer high-performance, cloud-delivered Internet security to Barracuda’s many thousands of midsize customers.

Partnering with Barracuda comes on the heels of several other Zscaler collaboration announcements. Zscaler recently partnered with Ooma, the Internet phone service, to add Zscaler security to customers’ computing and IoT devices on their home networks. Zscaler is also working with Cradlepoint, the provider of cloud-based WAN solutions, to enable Cradlepoint customers to provide their mobile users with fast, secure access to cloud applications.

Why companies are partnering with Zscaler

Companies in the business of Internet security know that delivering security from the cloud represents a crucial facet of threat protection and access control. But building a global security cloud is a big deal that demands substantial resources, time, and knowhow. By partnering with Zscaler, companies leverage our technology to offer their customers multilayered protection from the cloud on top of their own proven solutions. We are happy to partner with them and expand the reach of our security cloud.

How Barracuda customers win

Just like large enterprise businesses, small and midsize companies are adopting cloud services — Office 365, Salesforce, Box, and others — in vast numbers and giving their increasingly mobile employees the flexibility to work from anywhere using any device. However, this trifecta of capabilities, while great for employee productivity, isn’t good for network and device security. And already lean IT departments in SMBs don’t have the manpower or budget to backhaul traffic and fortify their corporate networks with conventional appliances.

So how do Barracuda customers protect users and enforce policies on a network they no longer control? By adopting a range of protections.

Barracuda has built a security platform for midmarket customers, with powerful yet easy-to-use and affordable security and data protection solutions. These comprehensive solutions cover every threat vector and come in flexible deployment options for on-premises, public and private cloud, cloud-only and hybrid deployment configurations. Barracuda’s built this platform centered around simplicity – in the way midmarket customers purchase, deploy, and manage security on their networks – wrapped in award-winning customer support.

We are thrilled to partner with Barracuda to bring our cloud security technology to their midmarket customers. Many midsized customers are looking to leverage the web to boost productivity, while at the same time, do so affordably and securely.

Companies of all sizes are malware targets

The only attacks making the headlines are those on large organizations. But smaller companies are similarly at risk, and attacks can be far more devastating to those with fewer resources and less ability to absorb the financial hit. 

As malware evolves, and exploit kits become cheaper and more plentiful, the need for comprehensive protection grows. And not just for some traffic or some offices or users — all traffic needs to be inspected.

Today’s partnership announcement is a significant win for Zscaler — clear recognition by a long-time industry leader for our pure-cloud platform approach. And it’s a win for Barracuda, because they’re able to add a proven enterprise-class cloud-based Internet security technology to their platform.

But the real winners today are Barracuda’s midsize customers, who now have affordable access to comprehensive, cloud-delivered internet security that is backed by 100 data centers worldwide and protects them 24 x 7.

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