Our technology, their words.

The deployment of Zscaler is so painless... it’s seriously magic.
It is a product that actually does what it says on the tin.
Zscaler provided value immediately in proof of concept.
As long as everything is routed through Zscaler, from a security perspective, I’m happy.
We cut down on the administrative tasks by more than 50%...
The most surprising thing that we’ve seen since moving to Zscaler is the malware that we didn’t know existed on our network.
TIQ follows a cloud-first strategy when it comes to IT, so the fact that Zscaler is cloud based made it particularly attractive for us.
Our management is thrilled with Zscaler’s monthly threat reports.
We easily had all of the identified offices [across 50 countries] secured without any hardware.
Zscaler removed the need to have individual firewalls in each office.
Zscaler is supporting the Information Management strategy of Akzo Nobel.