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Zscaler Risk360™

Our comprehensive framework designed to help security leaders quantify and visualize cyber risk

Zscaler Risk360™ is a comprehensive and actionable risk framework that delivers powerful cyber risk quantification. Risk360 offers intuitive risk visualizations, granular risk factors, financial exposure detail, board-ready reporting, and detailed, actionable security risk insights you can immediately put into practice for mitigation.


Siloed security tools and manual processes paint an incomplete picture of cyber risks and give you no meaningful way to remediate them

Threat actors are always exploring new ways to exploit attack surfaces to compromise organizations, move laterally, and steal data. Standalone security risk tools and point products, as well as the manual processes that accompany them, make it impossible for security leaders to holistically assess risks and thoroughly investigate them. As such, more businesses are being disrupted, brands are more vulnerable to damage, and the risk of long-term financial impact has never been higher.


These factors and more have made cybersecurity risk management a board-level priority.


An actionable risk framework built on the Zscaler platform

Powerful risk quantification

Reap the benefits of data captured from your Zscaler environment, external sources, and years of security research from Zscaler ThreatLabz. Accurately measure attack surface risks, risk of compromise, and potential lateral movement, along with data loss risk.

Intuitive visualization and reporting
Intuitive visualization and reporting

Leverage interactive dashboards with the ability to filter and drill into your organization’s top cybersecurity risk drivers. Get accurate financial estimates of your risk exposure for better decision-making, and seamlessly export presentation-ready slides for effective executive-level communication.

Actionable remediation
Actionable remediation

Turn granular insights into prioritized remediation with the help of investigative workflows that tie back to policy and are directly correlated to risk scores.

Security compliance
Security compliance

Gain mappings to security risk frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK and NIST CSF, with reporting support for SEC Regulation S-K Item 106.


Leverage unparalleled visibility for unique risk insights and effective remediation

Risk scoring

Sophisticated algorithms produce a single risk score across your entire organization that is tracked over time. This score is broken down and measured against the four key stages of a cyberattack.

Contributing factors

The growing number of factors affecting risk across your IT environment (100+) is continuously monitored, normalized, and accounted for to get an accurate risk assessment.

Total visibility

A global view across your environment gives you the ability to view your entire risk profile and go in depth, so you can start mitigating instantly.

Mitigation recommendations

Single-vendor risk quantification and policy enforcement means reduced time from investigation to action.

Use Cases

Accelerate cyber risk quantification and remediation with Zscaler Risk360

Unified dashboard

Replace a multitude of tools and spreadsheets with a powerful, interactive, data-driven dashboard that gives a holistic risk view

Expansive correlation

Leverage our powerful cloud native platform to get correlated risk views of not only your workforce but also your third-party users, applications, and assets

Deep insights

Turn data insights into investigative workflows and actionable, policy-driven remediation to directly affect your risk score

Financial risk

Map your risk directly to your potential financial exposure, including Monte Carlo simulations, for better decision making and prioritized remediation

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