Protect Cloud Data and Stop Breaches with DSPM

Define once and apply everywhere with the world’s most comprehensive, fully integrated data protection platform.

Quickly discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in the the public cloud
To achieve effective cloud data security, you need a unified approach. Simplify and enhance data security in multicloud environments with an agentless, fully integrated DSPM solution that enables you to:
Discover sensitive data automatically
Understand who and what has access
Prevent data breaches and exfiltration
Enforce unified policy anywhere data resides

The Problem

Your cloud data is the new target

of breaches involve data stored in the cloud
227 days
to identify a data breach, on average¹
global average cost of a data breach²

Challenges of securing data in the cloud

Multicloud environments are complex and resource-intensive by nature, and they can be difficult to understand and control. Massive volumes of data and huge numbers of users are always trying to access different platforms, accounts, and services.

Legacy data security and standalone DSPM don’t help reduce this complexity. They don't integrate well with existing DLP programs or provide visibility into key data pathways such as web, SaaS, email, and endpoints. Beyond that, alert fatigue is still at an all-time high.

Organizations struggle to:
Discover and classify cloud data by location and type
Identify cloud data, who has access, and its compliance status
Correlate and prioritize risk across cloud environments
Put cloud data in context and understand its security posture
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Secure data everywhere with unified DLP

It’s never been easier to defend data from risk. 

Protect it all with one modern, simple platform.

The Zscaler Difference
Solution Overview
Comprehensive data protection platform

Get best-in-class data security for web, SaaS, on-premises apps, endpoints, BYOD, and public clouds. Zscaler DSPM seamlessly integrates with leading AI-powered data protection, built around a centralized DLP engine.

AI auto data discovery

Automatically discover, classify, and identify data, without any configuration, while drastically speeding up deployment and operations with an agentless approach.

Empowered teams and simplified operations

Greatly reduce alert overload with powerful threat correlation that uncovers hidden risk and critical attack paths. Save time for your team so they can focus on the risks that matter most.

Solution Details

Discover and classify data

DSPM scans data stores, discovers sensitive data, and accurately classifies data. It also creates an accurate map and inventory of data assets, helping security teams locate sensitive data and understand who has access to it and how it is being used. 


Data scanning

Continuously and automatically discover and scan data stores with in-account scanning.


Continuous monitoring

Get a clear view of all data sets so security teams can effectively evaluate and remediate risk.


Data inventory and classification

Automatically identify, classify, and take inventory of sensitive data across complex multicloud environments.

Map and track exposure

DSPM helps security teams secure crown jewels in complex environments by mapping and tracking exposure and correlating misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to prioritize risk. This helps reduce alerts, prevent resource fatigue, and ensure your cloud data is safe.


Exposure analysis

Determine public exposure, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities for data stores and services.


Risk prioritization

Filter out the noise and prioritize incidents based on risk and severity through an in-depth analysis of all exposures to sensitive data.


Advanced threat correlation

Minimize cloud risk using AI/ML to correlate threats that determine hidden attack paths.


Adaptive access intelligence 

Get a granular, risk-based, user-centric view of all access paths to mission-critical data and configurations.

Remediate risk

DSPM streamlines risk management with context-based guided remediation, enabling security teams to easily fix issues and violations at the source, preventing future disruptions. 


In-depth guided remediation

Address data exposure, misconfigurations, and security risk by leveraging step-by-step guidance with complete context.


Least-privileged access

Minimize the attack surface by remediating overprivileged users and risky access paths to sensitive data.


Faster time-to-security

Configure real-time alerts to keep pace with rapid change to data and its environment, speeding up investigation and response.

Improve data security posture

DSPM provides context for cloud data, correlates advanced threats, and integrates with security, ITSM, and other tools. All together, this can dramatically improve your security posture as well as increase operational efficiency.


Comprehensive, consistent policies

Ensure best-in-class data security everywhere, from endpoint to email, SaaS, public cloud, etc.


Superior user experience 

Provide a frictionless experience between cross-functional teams, and automate time-consuming and repetitive security tasks to increase productivity and efficiency.


Seamless integrations

Integrate with the industry’s best ITSM, operations, and dev tools.

Manage regulatory compliance

Robust, real-time data compliance and governance features protect data without geographical or regulatory differences, regardless of data residency.

Compliance visibility

Compliance visibility

Get comprehensive visibility into data compliance posture with a dynamic view of compliance status, configuration drifts, and policy violations.


Compliance benchmarking 

Automatically compare data security posture to compliance benchmarks and best practices. This can help assess gaps and understand their impact while reducing manual effort and errors.



Drill down on compliance issues to prioritize remediation and track progress for different stakeholders, including executives, risk managers, and auditors.


Analytics and reporting

Get comprehensive compliance data, analytics, and automated reporting for technical compliance audits.



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