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Zscaler + CrowdStrike

End-to-end protection from device to application secures work beyond the perimeter.

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Securing work beyond the perimeter

A rising mobile workforce means that work now takes place beyond the traditional security perimeter. Securing access to business applications must be based on zero trust, and take into consideration the identity, business policies and device posture, prior to allowing access. Zscaler and CrowdStrike make securing this new world, simple.

The challenge

icon showing traditional networks are complex and ineffective

Complex and ineffective

Traditional network and endpoint security are complex and cannot protect users outside the perimeter. Once on the network, users are implicitly trusted potentially providing over privileged access.

icon showing traditional networks cannot secure access to applications.

Access without context

Lack of complete visibility of device context, such as posture, identity and location, prevents a safe zero trust connection to applications.

icon showing traditional networks are expensive

High operational cost

Siloed teams with multiple systems to support require a large investment in people to bridge the gaps and operate effectively.

an icon of hidden risks in traditional networks

Hidden risks

Separate visibility and context between the endpoint and network security teams can lead to unknown risks that can take months to discover and even longer to investigate.

Zscaler + CrowdStrike: End-to-end security

Cloud-native and market-proven

Together, Zscaler and CrowdStrike deliver secure access to applications by providing conditional access based on the user’s identity, location and the posture of the device being used while also ensuring that zero-day threats are identified, analyzed and remediated quickly.

Adaptive Zero Trust access to all apps based on device health

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange and CrowdStrike integration provides the ability to assess device health and automatically implement appropriate access policies

  • Continuous assessment of the device posture: Only users with devices that meet the minimum posture requirements are allowed access to sensitive private apps and internet apps
  • Increased security: A real-time posture check of device compliance enhances security in a work-from-anywhere world
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a diagram illustrating the integration of ZPA and CrowdStrike to enhance access controls.

Rapid zero day threat detection and remediation

Zscaler Cloud Sandbox identifies zero-day threats, correlates with CrowdStrike endpoint telemetry to identify impacted devices, and enact rapid response with a cross-platform quarantine workflow.

  • End-to-end visibility and rapid response:  Comprehensive visibility from the network and endpoint platforms provides a complete view of the threat landscape. Automatic cross-platform correlation and workflow makes investigation and response faster
  • Reduced Risk: Layered protection with Zscaler inline detection minimizes endpoint exposure to the network attack vector. Compromised endpoints are quarantined quickly to reduce lateral spread of infection.
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an architecture of rapid zero day threats detection and remediation after ZIA integration with CrowdStrike

Threat intelligence and telemetry sharing

Cross-platform visibility: 

Custom block lists are updated automatically, while sharing telemetry with CrowdStrike Humio increasing cross-platform visibility and defensive capability without complexity

Proactive threat prevention: 

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange blocks threat vectors inline leveraging new network intelligence from CrowdStrike Falcon Threat Intelligence, preventing impact on endpoints

Speed and Agility: 

Enables speedy threat investigation with endpoint and network context for effective detection and decision making


an architectural diagram showing how CrowdStrike's threat intelligence enables Zscaler to block malicious websites
Cushman & Wakefield

“Automation allows us to be able to quickly analyze and prevent some very critical threats before somebody has to even touch a mouse or click any sort of button.”

- Erik Hart, CISO, Cushman & Wakefield


“Layered approach is an important component of our defense toolkit.  Combined together, Zscaler and CrowdStrike enabled us to rapidly deploy our corporate standards, including rapid onboarding of M&A”

- Marc Atkinson, Manager, Cyber Security Analytics, Paychex


“Zscaler and CrowdStrike’s partnership is super exciting. Both have taken the proactive step to understand how the technologies complement each other so that I don't have to do that on my own.”

- Nicole Darden Ford, CISO, Carrier


“It's no surprise that the two of our products (Zscaler and CrowdStrike) that we think very highly of and see as innovators in the market & continuously evolving are now working closely together and sharing data”

- Mattthew Pecorelli, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Mars Incorporated

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