Secure the Use of Generative AI

Zscaler provides visibility and control over your users’ interactions with generative AI to help you avoid data loss.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ lets you create and enforce policies around the generative AI sites your users can visit and how they can interact—directly or via browser isolation—to protect your sensitive data.


Lean into generative AI with confidence

Allowing your teams unfettered use of AI tools like ChatGPT can foster innovation–but at a price. Well-meaning users can inadvertently put data at risk by sharing sensitive company information in generative AI prompts and queries, making these tools an emerging channel for data breaches and exfiltration.


Fine-tune use of AI with flexible policies

Spark productivity and creativity

Empower your teams to accelerate your growth and differentiation through responsible use of AI, with peace of mind that Zscaler security will accompany every prompt or query.

Ensure data drives your business, not breaches

Keep your organization’s sensitive data safe from breaches—and avoid financial and regulatory troubles—with Zscaler policy enforcement.

Easily control access to allowed services

Block use of generative AI outright or selectively allow certain AI tools based on risk tolerance. Do it all in a few clicks, sparing IT the headache of managing block lists.


Innovative, AI-specific features

Take flexible actions with the new AI/ML URL category

Block access when necessary, or extend caution-based access that coaches users on the risks of generative tools.

Enforce granular data controls for ChatGPT and other AI tools

Avoid leakage of sensitive data uploaded to ChatGPT with fine-grained, predefined ChatGPT Cloud Application controls. Our full DLP suite will also prevent accidental sharing of data in any AI tool.

Deliver powerful controls with Browser Isolation

For even greater protection, render AI and ML applications in Browser Isolation to allow user prompts while restricting clipboard use for uploads and downloads.

Maintain full visibility into AI tool usage

Get detailed logs that offer visibility into how your teams are using AI, including the data and prompts being used in these tools.

Use cases

Use AI the way that’s best for your business

Control specific AI apps

Define and enforce which AI tools your users can and cannot access.

Integrate full data security into AI usage

Ensure sensitive data never leaks through an AI prompt or query.

Restrict methods of uploading data to AI tools

Implement granular controls that allow prompts but prevent bulk uploads of important data.

Understand usage of ChatGPT

Keep full logs that show usage activity and prompts in ChatGPT.

Our Platform

Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.

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Securely connect authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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