Zscaler Business Insights

Leverage Zscaler's visibility to gain actionable insights into technology, offices, and people for a more informed digital transformation

IT, procurement, facilities, and business leaders can leverage insights on SaaS app usage and spend, along with office space utilization trends, leading to valuable cost savings and more deliberate back-to-office strategies.

Why It Matters

Accessing insights on technology and offices has been too hard

Optimized SaaS apps and office workspace utility can go a long way in managing and controlling costs, ensuring employee productivity, and maintaining a seamless office experience. However, these insights can be hard to access, spread out across multiple departments and numerous standalone tools. Stringing together available data places enormous pressure on IT and other relevant teams. A new, better way to access these insights and visualize the trends is a must-have.

Benefits of Zscaler Business Insights
Reduce and consolidate SaaS apps

Knowing how SaaS apps are being used will enable IT leaders to remove redundant apps and curb access to certain user groups based on usage patterns.

Effectively utilize your office space

HR, Workspace, and Facilities leaders can conduct data-based office capacity planning based on reporting of past weeks, months, and quarters, comprising hour-by-hour office usage across departments.

Drive cost savings

Deep insights and predictive cost savings models can enable IT, HR, Real Estate, and Facilities leaders to drive savings in their application and workplace transformation.

See instant time-to-value

Nothing new to deploy. Get smarter about your applications using the same Zscaler deployment you use to enable application transformation.

How It Works

Full visibility into SaaS and workplace usage

A complete SaaS app inventory

Experience total visibility into your SaaS apps landscape. Get a list of all your SaaS applications in one place, including your redundant ones.

A user and engagement index

Effortlessly stay on top of app engagement, monitor the details of your plans/seats purchased, and understand active users and top usage by department.

Cost matrix

Curtail SaaS sprawl and unnecessary spend by leveraging the SaaS app usage vs. cost matrix feature to see where you can consolidate and reduce costs.

Detailed workplace insights

Optimize office overhead with details on the days and times workers are in-office, hybrid, or remote. See departments coming into the office–and coming soon, enjoy closed-loop analytics on office usage compared with capacity and expectations.

Visibility over time

Leverage data that extends any duration of time–days, week, months, quarters–to effectively execute your return-to-office strategy.

Unparalleled accuracy

Save time and effort on data consolidation to determine app and office usage for a clearer, more accurate picture.

Use Cases

Rich SaaS application and workspace usage insights


Get access to complete SaaS apps inventory, usage trends, and comparison of overlapping applications, in order to control SaaS apps sprawl.


One dashboard for all teams to align on SaaS apps usage and spend. Detailed insights on plans/seats purchased, active/inactive users, risk and compliance adherence.


Get insights into application usage and understand potential seat/license savings by removing redundant SaaS applications or reducing the number of seats to align with usage.


Optimize your workspace by understanding what days workers spend in office vs. hybrid vs. remote, top departments coming into office.


Leverage hour-by-hour office utilization visualizations and access historic weekly, monthly and quarterly office usage data across all your office locations to make data-based decisions on your back-to-office strategy.

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