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Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Zscaler

Achieve your environmental impact goals by making them part of your secure digital transformation

Adopt a zero trust platform that helps you achieve your environmental goals

With the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, you can reduce carbon emissions associated with your security program’s energy use. Our efficient cloud platform is powered by renewable energy, enabling you to both securely accelerate digital transformation and reach your environmental objectives.


Make an impact with Zscaler

Minimize IT waste

Eliminate stacks of security appliances and other on-premises hardware as well as the resources required for their transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Lower energy consumption

Deliver better security using less energy per comparable unit of functionality* with a purpose-built, multitenant cloud security solution.

Reduce carbon footprint

Decrease your carbon footprint with a zero trust platform that uses 100% renewable energy.

Enable a hybrid workplace

Reduce everyday emissions from employee commuting and business travel by enabling work from anywhere.


Run on 100% renewable energy

The Zero Trust Exchange platform spans 150 data centers and is powered by renewable energy. Zscaler prioritizes selecting data centers that already use renewable energy and supplements where necessary with wind and solar power from local markets.
In addition, Zscaler reached carbon neutral in 2022 and has a goal to be net zero by 2025.

Run on 100% renewable energy

More efficient than on-premises solutions*

The Zero Trust Exchange is built on a cloud native architecture designed to be more efficient.

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The Zscaler cloud enables hardware optimization vs. solutions virtualized on public clouds
Our service edge architecture is designed for reliability, availability, and scalability
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Innovations such as Single-Scan Multi-Action (SSMA) reduce the computational overhead of additional security functionality compared to service chaining
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Multitenancy and software optimizations enable high traffic processing density and increased resource utilization

*When comparing equivalent functionality through the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange vs. on-premises solutions. Actual customer benefits may vary depending on implementation.


Karl Hoods

Chief Digital and Information Officer, UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
“Leveraging the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange allows us to reduce our IT hardware and shrink our carbon footprint.”