Secure Your B2B Applications

Provide zero trust site-to-site connectivity and reliable partner access to B2B apps

Zscaler B2B™ enables site-to-site connectivity, connects business partners to private applications, and applies advanced cyberthreat and data protection policies for significantly reduced business risk.

Architecture Matters

Transform your architecture from firewalls to zero trust

Enterprises worldwide have spent billions on firewalls, yet breaches are increasing. The problem is simple: traditional firewall-centric architectures are no longer effective against cyberthreats.

Built on the principle of least privilege, Zscaler’s proxy architecture enables full TLS/SSL inspection at scale, with connections brokered between users and applications based on identity, context, and business policies.

The Zscaler Difference
Why choose Zscaler for B2B?
Minimize the attack surface

Hide your B2B apps from the internet

Increase cyberthreat protection

Prevent lateral movement and data loss

Leverage a scalable architecture

Deploy protection that scales for the global enterprise

Simplify app access

Reduce app complexity with superior user experience 

The Problem

Traditional B2B solutions increase business risk

Today, applications are moving away from enterprise-controlled networks and into the cloud. With B2B site-to-site connectivity primarily based on VPNs, business partners are allowed access to critical apps and systems without comprehensive threat protection. Network-based connectivity requires inbound DMZs and open ports, increasing the attack surface and exposing the enterprise to relentless DDoS attacks.

  • Open ports with inbound DMZ
  • Lateral threat movement
  • Complex and expensive 
  • Vulnerable to DDoS attacks

  • Open ports with inbound DMZ
  • Risky file/data/app connectivity
  • Exposed app/servers
  • Vulnerable to DDoS attacks

  • Open ports with inbound DMZ
  • Risky file/data/app connectivity
  • Exposed app/servers 
  • Vulnerable to DDoS attacks

  • Open ports with inbound DMZ
  • Exposed app/API servers 
  • Complex and expensive 
  • Vulnerable to DDoS attacks

Solution Overview

Comprehensive, scalable zero trust security for B2B connectivity and app access

Zscaler B2B is a cloud service that gives your business customers secure and fast access to B2B applications. It provides site-to-site connectivity to support business partners and third parties around the globe, on any device, without requiring inbound DMZs and open ports that create an attack surface.


Eliminate DDoS attacks and prioritize a user experience that offers fast, secure, and reliable access to apps and sites without compromises. Zscaler B2B solutions scale with your business to protect data at all costs. You simply can’t rely on yesterday’s network and security technologies to do the same.

Solution Details

Site-to-site B2B connectivity

Site-to-site connectivity based on zero trust network access (ZTNA) enables secure access to private B2B apps by establishing connectivity between locations on a dynamic identity- and context-aware basis.

Eliminate complex site-to-site VPNs or hub-and-spoke networks with a direct-to-cloud architecture that improves application performance.


B2B partner portal access

Zero trust network access limits partner access to only authorized private applications, without putting them on the network, and delivers comprehensive visibility into all partner activity down to the user, device, and named app level. 

Browser-based access enables partners to seamlessly and securely access authorized applications from any location, on any device.


B2C mobile app access

Modern mobile apps can easily adopt the zero trust architecture. Users on mobile devices securely connect to applications without exposing their device or the application host to the internet, preventing compromise by unauthorized users.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) mobile access also assures an enriched digital experience for your apps and services, from the users’ perspective, from any location, on any device, over any network.

Zscaler B2B benefits
Enable fast, frictionless access to apps

Deliver security and access control from the cloud with no network changes to your apps. Give your customers consistent, direct access to their apps wherever they are hosted.

Eliminate the attack surface

Allow access to business applications and site-to-site B2B connectivity without exposing apps to the internet or extending networks with VPNs.

Accelerate cloud adoption

Migrate, develop, and deliver innovative cloud-based B2B apps to your customers without the friction of provisioning and managing legacy network and security infrastructures.

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