Zscaler + Rubrik

Zero trust-driven data protection across your organization

Rubrik’s integration with Zscaler helps you discover and classify sensitive data and stop data exfiltration


Sensitive data proliferation and exfiltration

More and more users are storing sensitive data in SaaS applications, data centers, and the cloud, making it vulnerable to ransomware and exfiltration. What’s more, bad actors are using cloud storage, collaboration apps, and personal email apps more than ever to exfiltrate data.

Effective data protection across the enterprise


Secure content management

Gain visibility into your Rubrik Security Cloud and secure sensitive content with the industry-leading Zscaler Data Protection.


Prevent data exfiltration

Secure sensitive data across your organization, whether it’s being uploaded to an internet resource, accessed by BYOD, or attached to personal emails, with custom remediation and response policies.


Enhanced compliance

Bolster your data security and compliance posture by gaining deep visibility into sensitive data at rest and in motion.

Rubrik Security Cloud and Zscaler Index Document Match (IDM) integration allows you to:

Manage sensitive content

The Rubrik Security Cloud identifies sensitive information in your data and classifies it accordingly. The content is then made available to Zscaler IDM for indexing. Learn more about Zscaler IDM here.


Enforce remediation and response workflows

Zscaler Data Protection applies security policies to data moving to and from applications and platforms, preventing sensitive data from being exfiltrated.

Effective-data protection-across the-enterprise with-zscaler-and -rubrik

Zscaler DP engine learns Rubrik Backup hash

How Zscaler IDM learns and protects

01 Sensitive content fingerprint from Rubrik with index tool

02 Zscaler learns and is ready to find other instances

03 DLP policies prevent loss of sensitive data

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