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By: Atri Chatterjee

Office 365 Deployment

Research suggests companies need to “think different”

Survey shows what companies expected and what they found out  It s been six years since Microsoft introduced Office 365, the cloud version of the most widely used productivity software suite. In those years, Office 365 has earned its place…
By: Anthony Gil

Before and after WannaCry | This week in cybersecurity

Too busy working to keep up with cybersecurity news this week? Here’s a round-up of the top stories from the cyberscape.

Ukraine Deals with New Ransomware A virulent ransomware strain called XData has gained momentum in Ukraine, surpassing WannaCry in infect in numbers. That XData appears to target Ukraine specifically tempers some fears, but were it to spread globally it would…
By: Anthony Gil

Disney’s not so happily ever after | This week in cybersecurity

Too busy working to keep up with cybersecurity news this week? Here’s a round-up of the top stories from the cyberscape.

United Airlines Cockpit Codes Accidentally Leaked The confidential codes required to access United Airlines' cockpits have been accidentally leaked to the public in what the airline calls a mistake, rather than a data breach. The airline sent out a blast…
By: Sri Subramanian

Internet-only offices are now real

There is no spoon Remember that scene in The Matrix, when Neo finds out that he can bend the spoon only if he realizes that there is no spoon What if you realize that there is no corporate network that…
By: Jay Chaudhry

In the aftermath of WannaCry, our concept of the network has to change


By now, everyone has heard about WannaCry, the ransomware attack that made headlines on Friday May 12th and continues to show up in various forms. In a nutshell, this ransomware has impacted more than 200,000 systems worldwide and its variants…
By: Manoj Apte

Fallacy of the corporate network

WannaCry reminds us of the need for segmentation


Back in the 1990s, we created our corporate networks with the objective of providing employees with a secure system on which to communicate and collaborate. Central to the concept of that network was the belief that, like a medieval castle,…
By: Deepen Desai

WannaCry 2.0 ransomware attacks continue...

Analysis of WannaCry variants and propagation vectors seen in the wild.


Introduction An aggressive ransomware campaign went viral on May 12, 2017, that impacted over 200,000 systems worldwide and the attack remains active. The use of the leaked NSA ETERNALBLUE  SMB exploit by the dropper payloads, which target a Microsoft Windows vulnerability in…
By: Deepen Desai

WannaCry ransomware. What you need to know.


On 12 May 2017, a massive ransomware attack was unleashed and it disrupted business operations for public and private organizations on multiple continents. The ransomware is highly virulent and once a user is infected, it spreads rapidly across a corporate…

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