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By: Atri Chatterjee

In its report on Zscaler, AV-TEST uses the “P” word

AV-Test Gives Zscaler High Marks


The Zscaler engineering team runs incredibly rigorous testing and analysis on the Zscaler infrastructure. We know exactly how much traffic we re securing for our clients (1.4 trillion transactions last quarter). We know how many times we blocked malicious content…
By: Deepen Desai

New Infostealer Trojan uses Fiddler Proxy & Json.NET


Introduction Zscaler ThreatLabZ came across a new Infostealer Trojan written in .NET that utilizes popular tools like Fiddler & Json.NET for its operation. In April, the new Infostealer family of Spanish origin was first noted targeting users in the U.S.…
By: Viral Gandhi

Android infostealer posing as a fake Google Chrome update

Mobile Malware

Our research team has recently seen a large amount of activity in our cloud related to an Android infostealer disguised as a Google Chrome update. This malware is capable of harvesting call logs, SMS data, browser history and banking information…
By: Ed Miles

Tax Season Scams


Introduction Tax Season is once again upon those of us who don t have a tax shelter company in Panama. This year, the IRS warned of a 400% increase in phishing attempts and tax related e-mail scams. While phishing can…
By: Kevin Peterson

What a Day for a Daydream

With all the ransomware and other attacks hitting healthcare this year (as predicted by the FBI), I keep finding myself having this recurring daydream in which I m a CISO for a hospital and I get called before the board…
By: Lauren Adams

You’ve Been Hacked – Do You Even Know It?

Live Educational Webcast: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 | Americas - 8:30 a.m. PDT

A data breach happens in seconds, however, most companies take up to 6 months to recognize that a breach has even occurred. In 80% of cases, companies are blind to the fact that a breach has ever taken place and…
By: Michael Sutton

Prediction 10: The Encryption Showdown

Encrypted communications have long been the bane of law enforcement and those in the intelligence communities. As privacy concerns mount, thanks in part to the Snowden revelations, leveraging strong encryption for messaging and data storage is no longer the realm…
By: Dhanalakshmi

A look at Locky ransomware

Malware | Ransomware

Introduction The Locky ransomware was first spotted in the wild in February 2016. Locky came into the limelight when it hit the Hollywood Hospital last month causing the hospital to pay Bitcoins worth $17,000 in ransom.  Locky is known to…

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