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By: Matt Piercy

Why the cyber security skills gap is a boardroom issue

The shortage of IT professionals in the UK has been well documented. Several years ago, a study  commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering predicted that the shortage would be felt for years, as the UK was simply not producing…
By: Viral Gandhi

Android Marcher: Continuously Evolving Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware

Founded in 2013, the Android Marcher mobile malware has widely been targeting Google Play -- harvesting user credentials and credit card data. The malware waits for victims to open the Google Play store and then displays a fake html overlay…
By: Michelle Radlowski

Survey shows that Black Hat attendees are feeling vulnerable on the inside

Attendees cite social engineering and targeted attacks as the greatest threats, compounded by concerns over user behavior.

Some of the world s most experienced InfoSec professionals attended Black Hat last week in Las Vegas. And yet, with all their expertise, the Black Hat Attendee Survey showed that the majority believe their organizations remain vulnerable to security attacks.…
By: Deepen Desai

The three reasons I go to Black Hat, year after year.

Most people who go to Las Vegas arrive with a singularity of purpose. For many, it s the betting. For some, it s Cirque de Soleil and other shows. For the InfoSec community around the world, Vegas in early August…
By: Viral Gandhi

Pokémon GO : Pikachu thunder shocks user’s wallet and personal life.

Mobile Malware

The recent release of Pok mon GO has led the game to become one of most popular apps for Android and iOS - having been downloaded by more than 5 million users. The game is currently available in multiple countries…
By: Abhinav Bansal

Apple Patches Persistent Cookie Vulnerability Discovered by Zscaler


  Cookies are a fundamental part of our everyday web access.  We take them for granted and freely give websites access to relevant cookies in our browsers because they dramatically enhance our user experience. Cookies are considered persistent if they…
By: Chris Mannon

Zika isn't the Only Thing You Need to Worry About During the Rio Olympics

Abuse | Compromise | Exploit | Exploit Kit | Malware | Scam

In just a few weeks, thousands of athletes and fans from around the world will gather in Rio de Janeiro for one of the world's most widely anticipated international sporting events, the Olympics. However, as one of the most popular…
By: Kevin Peterson

Is the role of IT changing? My sources say yes.

For many years now, technology visionaries have told of a not-too-distant future in which IT job descriptions would look quite different, primarily due to a shift from commodity IT to a services model. Some laughed this off while others embraced…

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