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Charlie Giancarlo Joins the Zscaler Board

January 20, 2017 - 2 min read

I am excited to announce that Charlie Giancarlo has joined the Zscaler Board of Directors. Charlie needs very little introduction to those of us in the technology industry. His illustrious career has spanned some of the most important Internet developments — from the creation of the first Ethernet switch at Kalpana (acquired by Cisco) to the innumerable products that were introduced by Cisco during Charlie’s 14-year tenure there as a senior executive.  He went on to become a managing director at Silver Lake Partners, where he helped to identify promising technologies and supported entrepreneurs as they developed those technologies and took them to market.

I first met Charlie more than a decade ago while he was at Cisco. We’ve kept in touch over the years and met for breakfast every so often, exchanging ideas about our efforts to make “a small dent in the universe.” He’s been keeping up with our progress at Zscaler and has shared many nuggets of wisdom that have helped me grow this company from a small startup to the fast-growing and gangly adolescent it is today. I’ve been inspired by Charlie’s unique insight into the ways the Internet is evolving and his understanding of the importance of getting the design right when it comes to security. And so it was only natural for me to invite him to join our board and be part of the Zscaler journey going forward.

It is gratifying today to see the incredible transformation of networks and security into the cloud, because it is a clear affirmation of the vision that started our company more than eight years ago. As I look ahead, I know we are going to benefit tremendously from Charlie’s wisdom and experience as we enter an exciting, new phase in our growth.

We began building our company in 2008 with our eyes on the future. We believed wholeheartedly that everything on the network would one day move to the cloud and we would be there, securing all the traffic generated by the use of cloud applications and the delivery of cloud services. That day has arrived for many organizations. We are currently securing all traffic for more than 5,000 customers around the world, and we know the transformation to the cloud has barely begun. Charlie will be instrumental in helping Zscaler reach new levels of growth and innovation, helping us to become the company we’d always envisioned.


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