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CryptoCurrency cybercrime - This week in cybersecurity

Too busy working to keep up with cybersecurity news this week? Here’s a round-up of the top stories from the cyberscape.

CryptoCurrency cybercrime - This week in cybersecurity

PlayStation Network social accounts hacked, and network itself may have been compromised

Notorious Saudi hacking group OurMine successfully hacked social media accounts for the PlayStation Network over the weekend and is also claiming to have compromised PSN itself. The group first claimed responsibility for hacking into the social media accounts, writing “PlayStation, contact us we got PlayStation Network database leaked!” Read more.

China's Plans To Develop Cybersecurity Schools

Through the Cyberspace Administration of China and its education ministry, China has announced news of its plan to build approximately four to six top-notch cybersecurity schools between 2017 and 2027. Read more. 

Identity Thieves Hijack Cellphone Accounts to Go After Virtual Currency

In a growing number of online attacks, hackers have been calling up Verizon, T-Mobile U.S., Sprint and AT&T and asking them to transfer control of a victim’s phone number to a device under the control of the hackers. Once they get control of the phone number, they can reset the passwords on every account that uses the phone number as a security backup — as services like Google, Twitter and Facebook suggest. Read more.

Over 500,000 Android apps with a combined 100 million downloads found to secretly contain spyware

More than 500 Android apps, collectively downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play store, could have been used to secretly distribute spyware to users, thanks to a malicious advertising SDK. Read more.

Popular Robots are Dangerously Easy to Hack, Cybersecurity Firm Says

Recent research from IOActive states that some of the most popular industrial and consumer robots are dangerously easy to hack and could be turned into bugging devices or weapons. The firm found major security flaws in industrial models sold by Universal Robots, a division of U.S. technology company Teradyne Inc. Read more. 

Hijacked Chrome extensions infect millions of users

New research shows millions of Google Chrome users have been hit with malware through eight hijacked Chrome extensions. Proofpoint claims the eight compromised Chrome browser extensions include two that were hijacked earlier this month -- Copyfish and Web Developer. Read more.

CryptoCurrency CyberCrime Has Cost Victims Millions This Year

According to Chainalysis, a New York-based firm that analyzes transactions and provides anti-money laundering software, phishing scams have helped push up criminal losses to about $225 million this year. Read more.

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