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The next generation CISO - combatting the new security landscape

The next generation CISO - combatting the new security landscape

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Recent high profile security breaches, coupled with the damage to company brand, reputation and high financial penalties, means that cyber-security is now on the boardroom agenda. This is no longer just an IT issue, it is a corporate risk issue, impacting the role of the CISO, who is now expected to provide meaningful and actionable security intelligence to board members.

According to Forrester, CISO’s need to be able to answer 4 key questions:

  • What are the new and emerging trends?
  • What is the plan and how to progress against it?
  • What is the comparison against peers?
  • What is the gap from the ideal and the consequences?*

Join Michael Sutton, CISO, Zscaler Inc., for a compelling webcast that will address the evolving role of the CISO, including:

  • The emerging trends in cyber-security CISO’s need to be aware of
  • Addressing Forrester’s key questions for CISO’s
  • The latest methods cyber-criminals use to infiltrate organizations
  • Key qualities the next generation CISO needs to succeed in today’s cyber-threat environment

Live Webcast Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 - 8:30 a.m. PST


*Forrester Report 2015: Security Leaders, Earn Your Seat At The Table

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