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NotPetya is not nice - This week in cybersecurity

June 29, 2017 - 2 min read

Anthem will pay $115 million in largest data breach settlement in history

Anthem has agreed to pay $115 million in a deal to end a court battle over the 2015 data breach where hackers gained access to sensitive records for nearly 80 million Americans. The funds will go toward credit monitoring and reimbursement for customers, in addition to as much as $38 million in attorneys’ fees. Read more.

Cyber attack on Westminster compromised almost 90 email accounts

Parliamentary officials have confirmed an unprecedented attack by hackers seeking to break into MPs’ inboxes by stealing passwords that lasted for 12 hours on Friday. The attack only affected one percent of parliament but every MP including Theresa May, the Prime Minister, and her cabinet ministers use the network for dealing with constituents. it’s not confirmed, but Wired reports that the attack has links to the Russian government. Read more.

NotPetya Updates

The major ransomware attack that hit Ukraine banks among other businesses has spread to 64 countries including Russia, Brazil and the U.S. — attacking Windows PCs . The primary target of a crippling computer virus that spread from Ukraine across the world this week is highly likely to have been that country's computer infrastructure, a top Ukrainian police official told Reuters on Thursday. Read more.

At Least One U.S. Nuclear Facility was Hacked

Federal authorities were investigating a breach into computer systems of at least one U.S. nuclear power plant, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News. There is no evident that any sensitive or operation systems were breached, but less sensitive, business-associated side of things were compromised at least once in recent months. Read more.

FBI interviews employees of Russia-linked cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab

FBI agents on Tuesday paid visits to at least a dozen employees of Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based cyber-security company, asking questions about that company’s operations as part of a counter-intelligence inquiry. Read more.

Hackers are Hitting Industrial Drillers

Three out of four oil and natural gas companies fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year as hacking efforts against the industry become more frequent and sophisticated, according to a report released Monday by industry consultant Deloitte LLP. Read more.

New Strain of Ransomware Targeting HR Departments

A variant of the Petya ransomware, GoldenEye is targeting human resources departments in an effort to exploit the fact that HR employees must often open emails and attachments from unknown sources. Read more


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