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Riverbed and Zscaler Power the Transformed Enterprise

November 02, 2017 - 3 min read

Legacy security and networking approaches have no place in the world of cloud and mobility. As companies embark on their digital transformation journey, they must address two core challenges - how do I get my users to their destination quickly and securely without increasing my costs?

The answer isn’t always easy. The methods that worked when the data center was the primary destination don’t work in the world of cloud and mobility.

Customers tell us, and research supports, that more than 70% of all network traffic is destined for the Internet - be it a www site, a SaaS app or public cloud. But most companies are still relying on backhauling traffic and using traditional security appliances to inspect traffic and ensure that users reach their destination securely.

This is killing innovation, productivity, and in the end having a direct impact on the bottom line of organizations that need to improve the agility and performance of their infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a fast and secure experience for customers and employees.

Today, Riverbed and Zscaler announced a partnership that squarely addresses these two core challenges.


Jay Chaudhry takes stage at Riverbed Disrupt on November 2, 2017

We were proud to have our own CEO, Jay Chaudhry, present with senior executives from Riverbed and IDC at this years’ Disrupt conference, focused on accelerating cloud-first and digital transformation strategies.  Together with Hansang Bae, CTO at Riverbed, they showcased the joint integration from Riverbed and Zscaler that helps enterprises overcome the legacy network and security architecture challenges they face as they embark upon their journey to the cloud.

Riverbed simplifies network management and optimizes traffic flow, leveraging multiple network paths to reduce dependence on costly MPLS backhauling. Riverbed SteelConnect enables organizations to break out internet bound traffic locally at the branches and route it directly to Zscaler.

Zscaler secures internet bound traffic by delivering the full stack of security and access controls as a cloud service. Unlike traditional appliance-based security approaches, there is no need to need to buy, deploy, and manage security appliances or VNFs in all branch locations, which means you can add and deploy new security services across all locations in minutes, and there are no security compromises. Security and access policies follow the user and ensures identical protection, wherever your users connect.

Together, Zscaler and Riverbed enable more flexible network and security architectures that allow enterprises to rapidly adopt cloud services and transform their network and branch operations. As a result, users get fast and secure access to applications, and businesses can quickly and efficiently take advantage of evolving market opportunities.                     

We want to thank Riverbed again for hosting and including us in such a successful event; we are excited to build this partnership and deliver great value to our joint customers. To learn more about the joint Riverbed and Zscaler solution, you can read Riverbed's blog.

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