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User Experience Matters in Today’s Connected World

User Experience Matters in Today’s Connected World

Chances are, you’re reading this on your laptop or mobile device through an application that enables you to access information — anytime, anywhere. That’s what we’ve all come to expect. We want to get things done, and expect our applications to just work when we need them, whether we’re connecting to our corporate Wi-Fi, working at home, or on the road using LTE. To maintain high productivity and keep the wheels or business turning, seamless access is the aim.

Trouble-free access

As users, we don’t have time to mess around with network settings. That’s why accessing corporate applications from the data centre is a pain point for both employees and IT, and this is what’s driving “digital transformation” decisions. Organizations across all sectors are embarking on a journey to overcome the burden of legacy security architectures that route user traffic through cumbersome VPN technology. Users have no interest in locations or borders for data control. They simply want to get their work done as easily as possible and without interruption.

User experience matters and, at Zscaler, we’re committed to ensuring that users always have fast, secure access to what they need—inside and outside the corporate network—without the complexity of corporate VPNs and network security getting in the way.

With the Zscaler App, users can access internet and cloud-based applications—no matter where they connect or on what device—via the Zscaler Internet Access solution. The Zscaler App also enables access to internal applications through Zscaler Private Access, which ensures that authorized users anywhere can securely access corporate applications in the data centre or cloud, all defined and controlled by policy.

Best of all, the Zscaler App is transparent to users, empowering them to do their jobs easily and securely. By implementing this cornerstone of Zscaler platform services, you can define safe paths for your users and your corporate data, so that they are  truly protected from internet-borne malware, data loss, and other threats. 

With the Zscaler platform, users can always access exactly what they need when they need it—without the overhead of legacy VPN solutions. And we all know that happier workers are more productive workers. Learn more about the Zscaler App, so you can sit back and enjoy the sweet hum of productivity.

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