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Zenith Live: Empowering Transformation


Last year, we held our first Zenith Live Cloud Summits in Las Vegas and London. In a year full of exciting occurrences and big news, Zenith Live turned out to be one of the true highlights of 2018 for Zscaler. In both cities, we heard from inspiring guest speakers from global leaders like Microsoft, GE, Siemens, Carlsberg Group, and Orange Business Services. We had scores of illuminating conversations with customers at various stages of their cloud transformation journeys. And we had many panel discussions that covered fascinating topics, from application access issues in China to cultural issues involving changes in mindset for enterprise IT.

The moment those events concluded, I’ve been personally looking forward to our next Zenith Live summits and imagining how we could make them even better than the last. I think we may have done it.

The time has come to host Zscaler’s second annual Zenith Live Cloud Summit, where there is no better opportunity anywhere to meet with IT leaders, network and security experts, and practitioners. These are the people who are enacting real change in their organizations by leading the drive to a secure, cloud-enabled future. Their knowledge and experiences are truly inspiring.

This year’s theme at Zenith Live is Empower. The customers who attend Zenith Live are on the front lines of IT transformation in their organizations, working to improve employee productivity and business agility and resiliency through innovative technologies, new tools, and improved processes. In doing so, they are empowering their organizations to move toward a better future.

Zenith Live 2019 will be an entirely new event, with more speakers, sessions, and training labs, as well as several exciting announcements. My team, our industry-leading guest speakers, and I are excited to share best practices, real-world examples, and much more! We will hold the Americas event in Las Vegas from September 16–18 and the EMEA event in Lisbon, Portugal, from September 30 through October 2.

We’ve seen a lot of changes this year in cloud technology and security, and these changes are reflected in the topics of our breakout sessions. We’re offering nearly three dozen sessions featuring Zscaler product experts and guest speakers focused on a wide variety of themes, such as Gartner’s zero trust network access strategy, Office 365 migration, securing multi-cloud environments, cloud architecture, and the power of AI and ML in security.

The certification tracks also offer something more this year. Once again, there will be three tracks—App Transformation, Network Transformation, and Security Transformation—but in addition to “Essentials” programs for App and Security Transformation tracks, each track offers “Master” classes that explore more advanced use cases. Upon completion, attendees earn eight CPE credits.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Zenith Live events with high expectations for inspiring keynote speakers, informative sessions and presentations, and, above all, the opportunity to meet with our customers, future customers, and partners between sessions and at the planned social gatherings. Please take a look at the agenda to see what you can look forward to this year and the best tracks to support you on your journey. I truly hope to see you there.

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Jay Chaudhry is the founder and CEO of Zscaler

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