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Zscaler and Leidos Collaborate on 5G Applications

May 02, 2023 - 3 min read

We are excited to announce today that Zscaler and Leidos will prototype and evaluate 5G-enabled solutions for government agencies, defense organizations, and critical national infrastructure within Zscaler’s 5G Innovation Center. 

Through this effort, Leidos will be able to build solutions and demonstrate them to customers in a safe, secure, 5G-enabled environment utilizing Zscaler’s zero trust expertise. Testing these capabilities can accelerate the adoption of 5G solutions for Federal agencies and the Department of Defense, including secure operations at the tactical edge. 

Padraig Moloney, Leidos5G is a mobile wireless connectivity solution that enables lightning-fast, high-bandwidth, and low-latency connectivity. The technology will deliver new levels of performance for mobile applications and continuous connection capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. When combined with mobile edge compute (MEC), 5G can make new applications possible for the Federal government – autonomous vehicles, smart bases, predictive fleet maintenance, enhanced command and control capabilities for forward-deployed operations, and more.

While 5G represents an opportunity to deliver significant new capabilities, the technology also expands the cyber attack surface – more data, many more devices, and operating systems – and as a result, introduces new security risks. Zscaler applies a proven zero trust architecture for comprehensive cybersecurity. The Zero Trust Exchange provides end-to-end security from device, to edge, to cloud. Filtering all user, sensor, and machine traffic using a cloud-native infrastructure that enables dispersed deployment as close as possible to the end user or the machine.

The Zscaler 5G Innovation Center, located in San Jose, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley provides a secure location to collaborate, develop, and test 5G use cases and solutions in both government and commercial environments.

Leidos is conducting 5G research and development which includes enterprise system and application integration as well as machine learning for threat detection and vulnerability mitigation.

“Leidos is a leading systems integrator in science, technology, and engineering. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders with a shared commitment to securely develop and deploy mission critical 5G solutions in a secure environment for our customers. The center will help to accelerate innovations to help our joint customers stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.” said Peter Amirkhan, senior vice president, Public Sector, at Zscaler.

“Zero Trust cybersecurity offers the capability for organizations to operate safely over diverse communications networks that cannot be verified as secure. Zscaler’s cloud and edge solutions combined with Leidos’ Zero Trust capabilities, can enable our customers to use 5G transformational technologies,” said Padraig Moloney, External Technology CTO at Leidos.

Zscaler shared the news at the company’s inaugural Public Sector Summit, during a session titled “The Future of Public Sector Secured,” featuring Mr. Moloney. The session explored the evolution of the technology landscape and future of next generation technologies and innovations to help keep the nation secure.

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