Zero Trust Architecture

Cloud Security Modernization - as Easy as 1-2-3

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Most companies can't just "jump" into the cloud and successfully move off-prem cold turkey, so they need a plan to get there over time. Often, the starting point is a “lift and shift” for a specific use case, and from there the cloud footprint gradually expands.

Maintaining a consistent security posture across both on-prem and cloud, i.e. a hybrid approach, can help such businesses migrate and adapt at the speed that makes sense for them. 

Many have turned to Zscaler’s cloud-delivered Zero Trust Exchange to consistently secure both on-prem data centers and cloud workloads and to migrate workloads over time, while reducing the network engineering involved. In the process, they’ve gained the advantages of a flexible, scalable zero trust security platform.

Here is an example of how to work your way from a secure network solution to a cloud-enabled transformational environment in stages:

                           A                                             B                                             C

  1. Deploy Zscaler as your path to the internet and to private applications, with no infrastructure changes. You get increased security with very simple implementation. 
  2. Next, simplify your network by removing gateway appliances as they age out. Watch cost and overhead fall. 
  3. Finally, cloud-enable your network. Deliver secure SD-WAN and private app access to eradicate networking costs and ensure a better user experience.

This three-step process means you can achieve your cloud and zero trust vision at a pace that makes sense for your business. Upgrade your connectivity with a solution that has a path to your future. Reduce your foundational networking costs while increasing your security:

  • Eliminate your attack surface. If they can’t find you, they can’t attack you.
  • Stop lateral movement. Connect users only to what is required. 
  • Defend against modern threats. Full traffic inspection protects users and workloads. 

These security benefits come with improved user experience since the user can go directly to their cloud-based solutions (like Microsoft O365) without taking a hairpin turn through your data center. Position your business for the cloud. One step at a time.

Zscaler has a clear path for transformation that makes it attainable for all businesses. If you have questions about how to cloud transform your network and increase your security with zero trust solutions, reach out to us for help!

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