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Microsoft and Zscaler Bring Zero Trust to Zenith Live


The Zenith Live Virtual Cloud Summit 2020 brings together the best experts and brightest minds in security, cloud, and enterprise secure digital transformation. Kicking off December 8, this year’s event is completely virtual, free, and focused on preparing your organization for a mobile, cloud-first future.

Zenith Live showcases Zscaler partnerships with other digital transformation leaders. One such leader is Microsoft, a Zscaler partner that works to bring better identity, visibility, and application performance to enterprise security strategies. Both companies leverage each other’s technologies to help enterprises better prepare for the cloud- and mobile-first world:

  • Zscaler and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Identity is essential to enterprise security. Zscaler and Azure AD integrate (using SAML, SSO, and SCIM 2.0) to provide secure and seamless access to all your applications. Microsoft provides identity management and, together with Zscaler, provides access controls via policy management. Secure access to legacy applications with a Zero Trust approach is the greatest benefit from the partnership—a crucial advantage for large enterprises that often have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of critical legacy applications.
  •  Zscaler and Azure Sentinel. A Zscaler connector in the Azure Sentinel console allows companies to connect ZIA logs with Azure Sentinel and view dashboards, create custom alerts, and improve investigation. By ingesting hundreds of millions (or billions) of internet transactions and threat logs, Azure Sentinel can draw significantly more powerful correlations and machine learning analyses from traffic generated by employees at large organizations.
  • Zscaler and Microsoft 365. Many enterprise customers backhaul traffic to a few internet breakouts for security inspection using a hub-and-spoke network architecture. Zscaler’s ZIA enables local breakouts at virtually every branch office, which directly improves Microsoft 365 application performance. Zscaler’s ZIA is a qualified Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program solution.
  • Zscaler and Azure Information Protection (AIP). The integration of Zscaler DLP and AIP allows Zscaler to enforce actions based on document classifiers and labels defined by AIP. Zscaler's built-in file decoding capability detects AIP's labels, then takes appropriate actions based on Zscaler's DLP policy. This even works for encrypted files.

Sessions at Zenith Live 2020 will demonstrate how Zscaler and Microsoft work together to move enterprises through their transformation journey:

  • Keynote session with Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management on Zero Trust and enterprise security. “A Zero Trust approach is the only way to secure your entire digital state” is the message from Alex Simons in his Zenith Live keynote. Listen to Alex discuss how the partnership between Microsoft and Zscaler helps establish user identity and secure corporate assets so that enterprises can rapidly and agilely adapt to changing needs (like the recent work-from-home initiatives many organizations are adopting).
  • Microsoft and Zscaler – How the Enterprise Deploys Work-from-Anywhere in the New Normal. Six months ago, the global pandemic left IT teams scrambling to support millions of employees suddenly working from home. Yet, many teams still rely on the same legacy technologies of the past and struggle to scale and deliver a fast user experience. Their VPN appliances slow them down and are exploited due to outdated security postures. Join us to learn how Sanofi, in its pursuit of a zero trust model, future-ready cloud solution, leveraged Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Zscaler Private Access. As a result, the company was prepared to enable work-from-anywhere securely when the COVID-19 lockdown was implemented across much of the world.
  • Microsoft and Zscaler – Microsoft 365 Best Practices. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange works seamlessly with Microsoft 365, providing traffic identification, local network egress, and direct routing, features that serve to optimize Microsoft 365 performance for enterprise users. In this session, Zscaler senior program manager Paul Collinge and director of product management Naresh Kumar join Coca-Cola Consolidated director of the infrastructure center of service Rory Regan to share best practices, lessons learned, and practical real-world advice for deploying Microsoft 365.

Secure your spot

Zenith Live 2020 will be unlike any other virtual conference. As the premier event dedicated to secure digital transformation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Zscaler leaders, customers, partners, and your peers, and we’ll even have an astronaut on hand to talk about what it really means to go beyond limits.

Registration is live, so don’t wait to reserve your spot.

See you there!

Luis Mendoza is senior direct of business development at Zscaler

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