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Egyptian Revolution ... Back Online

Egyptian Revolution ... Back Online

In the days during the Egyptian Internet outage, a number of Egyptian's circumvented the outage through a variety of methods. Speak2tweet is one example of a work-around in which Egyptians could phone in their tweets using the SayNow service. This service grew enormously in popularity in both posters and readers/listeners- we saw roughly a 362% increase in traffic to SayNow yesterday.

Earlier this morning, Egyptian ISPs restored their Internet routes (reference). I wanted to publish a short post verifying that we are seeing a return of Egyptian client and server web transactions. Currently, we're seeing about 80% of the Egyptian client transactions to Aljazeera and much of the remaining transactions are to Facebook, Google, and MSN. The Egyptian web server activity has returned to what we had seen prior to the outage. We will continue to monitor and report anything that is interesting or unusual within Egyptian client or server web transactions.

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