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HTTPS Everywhere For IE: Faster, Auto-update Enabled

HTTPS Everywhere For IE: Faster, Auto-update Enabled
I've released HTTPS Everywhere for Internet Explorer v0.0.0.3. Additional details about the update can be found in the version history of the PDF documentation.

Changes in

Faster start up

The start up time is now much faster. You should no longer receive a popup from Internet Explorer asking you to disable certain add-ons. I also switched to a different XML parser to load the HTTPS Everywhere rules.
new load time is well below the 0.20s threshold

Support for custom rules

You can now also add your own rules in custom.ruleset. Read the PDF documentation (page 5) to learn how to use your own SSL rules in Internet Explorer.


I have enabled the "auto-update" feature. Whenever a newer version of HTTPS Everywhere is available, a new tab will be opened to and you can download the latest version from this page. The installer has been modified to update your previous version. Auto-update works for all previous version of HTTPS Everywhere for Internet Explorer as well.

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