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Update To The Search Engine Security Plugin

I won't make a new blog post every time I update the Search Engine Security add-on for Firefox, but there have been several changes since the last post.

Install Search Engine Security add-on for Firefox 3.x


This feature was introduced in version 1.0.4. A notification is shown on Bing, Yahoo, and Google to let users know whether the SES protection is enabled for this search engine. The notification is shown under the search input.



Search Engine Security notification in Google search



Search Engine Security notification in Bing search

User-Agent modification

Most spam pages look at the Referrer value to decide whether or not to redirect users to a malicious page. However, in some cases like the Hot Video pages, only the User-Agent value is used. One common check is to look for "slurp" in the user-agent string to flag the request as coming form the Yahoo crawler. If you check the "Modify User-Agent" checkbox in the options, the string "slurp" is added to the User-Agent header when you leave Google/Bing/Yahoo in addition to overriding the Referrer header.

This option provides additional protection against malicious spam SEO.



New option to modify the User-Agent header




Fix for Google Instant

Google now make new searches as you type, without reloading the page, with Google Instant. Since the plug-in was listening on new page load to add the notification under the search input, it was showing only for the first search. Version 1.0.8 ensure the notification is always shown.



Search Engine Security notification with Google Instant




French translation

The extension has been translated in French.




Install Search Engine Security add-on for Firefox 3.x

If you have an older version of the plug-in installed, go to Tools > Add-Ons > Find Updates to get the latest version.

-- Julien




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