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Zscaler Keygen: Beware Of What You Are Looking For

Zscaler Keygen: Beware Of What You Are Looking For
Some searches yield more dangerous results than others, for example, looking to buy software online has a 90% risk of bring you to a fake store and free software might not be free of adware/spyware. Looking for 'warez' is another risky query.

Last week, I received a Google alert for "Zscaler Likejaking Prevention 1.1.2 for MAC keygen serial crack Apple registration code activation". Given that Zscaler Likejaking Prevention is a free tool that we provide, it certainly doesn't need a keygen utility!

The download link brings the user to Downloading this specific file requires an account on which costs $1.99/month, plus a $69.95 one-time fee! At best, this money will allow you to download what is already available for free on multiple websites (Zscaler, Mozilla add-ons, Softpedia, etc.). At worst, users are paying to get a malware or spyware.

This is the same technique I described in an earlier post related to malicious spam SEO. There are a lot of websites similar to A search for "Zscaler keygen" shows many sites using the same trick:,,,,, etc.

Always go to the official source to download any software. If you want "Zscaler Likejacking Prevention for MAC", go directly to Zscaler's website. No need to pay for what is already free!

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