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Future-Proof Your Cloud Native Security with Posture Control

The world’s most comprehensive CNAPP, with integrated best-in-class data protection and threat intelligence for today's cloud-first world.


Securing cloud native assets requires a new approach

Adopting cloud technologies, agile development, and complex architectures can expose your business-critical applications and data to risk. You can spend more resources on security point products, but supply chain attacks and other sophisticated threats will keep coming. Standalone, non-integrated point solutions simply aren’t effective in the cloud native world.

You need a comprehensive cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) with advanced threat correlation. By visualizing and analyzing security data to create meaningful insights, it can help you uncover and remediate hidden risks or attack vectors across your entire cloud environment.


higher overall volume of attacks since 2021


data loss events registered daily


global average cost of a data breach

Data protection challenges in cloud-centric world


Distributed data

Maintaining visibility and control over data is difficult in distributed, diverse environments


Tool sprawl

Prioritizing risk with legacy solutions is often complex, expensive, and time-consuming


Team collaboration

Integrating security in the application life cycle requires bridging gaps between multiple teams


Compliance mandates

Evolving audit requirements force constant adjustment of cloud infrastructure and data security controls

Introducing native integration with data protection and threat intelligence

Posture Control is an agentless CNAPP built to secure cloud infrastructure, apps, and confidential data in any public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). Seamless data protection and threat intelligence integration empowers security teams to more effectively discover, classify, and secure sensitive data and secrets. By correlating signals, Posture Control enables teams to understand the overall impact of risk and prioritize it more accurately.


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Explore how Posture Control eliminates complexity, delivers better data protection against today’s cyberthreats, and maximizes your security team's efficiency.

Comprehensive data protection for untrusted environments

Posture Control is built on zero trust principles to secure sensitive data while accelerating business innovation—and it takes just minutes to deploy.


Visibility and control

View and secure distributed data from accidental exposure, targeted attack, or malicious exfiltration


Unified coverage

Simplify data security operations while reducing cost and complexity with a unified solution


Accelerate response

Rapidly correlate and prioritize risk with rich context and greater accuracy


Seamless integration

Integrate with existing DevOps, governance, risk, and compliance workflows

Intelligent threat protection for a cloud native world

Using threat intelligence from the world-renowned Zscaler ThreatLabz, Posture Control maps a holistic view of the threat landscape and can detect, investigate, and block malicious activity and future attack paths.


Stay ahead of threats

Block advanced attacks with threat data from the world’s largest security cloud


Close security gaps and

Proactively stop threats and malicious activities with advanced intel, ML, and correlation


Deep integration

Integrate with your existing ecosystem to understand your risks and vulnerabilities with complete context


Accelerate security

Keep pace with rapid change in cloud environments by reducing investigation and response times

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