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Expand detection with support for new predefined National Drug Codes (NDC) dictionaries

Supported Clouds: Commercial Clouds , FedRAMP High , FedRAMP Moderate

Continued expansion of our predefined DLP dictionaries. New predefined NDC DLP dictionaries (package and product) allow your organization to detection and control content using these new dictionaries.

This capability allows you to:

  • Detect content related to NDC package and product codes
  • Configure confidence score thresholds with customizable criteria
  • Action options available for evaluating matching numbers
  • Specify an action to configure how the dictionary evaluates matching product codes (Count All or Count Unique)

Using the follow Confidence Score Thresholds:

  • Low: Counts a violation if it matches a key in the hash table
  • Medium: Counts a violation if requirements of Low confidence are met and the NDC product code is in a popular format

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