Zscaler Data Protection Recognized as a 2023 Product of the Year by CRN

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Simplified DLP application integration in AWS with enhanced CloudFormation template

Supported Clouds: Commercial Clouds

The updated template includes additional parameters that streamline the process, enabling the CloudFormation script to perform key tasks.

These include securing access to incident data by Workflow Automation AWS account ID and role, creating a KMS key for encryption, and linking it to S3 buckets and SNS topics. A support role has also been added to assist with troubleshooting integration configuration issues. To further simplify support, the AWS Zscaler DLP Integration page now includes a Support User Role ARN field. Populating this field allows Zscaler Support to easily identify and assume the support role, providing effective troubleshooting assistance. Benefit from a simplified integration experience and efficient support with the enhanced CloudFormation template and Support User Role ARN feature in Workflow Automation.

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