Is Your Guest Wi-Fi Network Becoming a Liability?

Protect your guest Wi-Fi network in minutes—100% in the cloud, no hardware.


Eliminate security loopholes and inappropriate downloads with Zscaler Guest Wi‑Fi Protection

Zscaler protects your guest Wi-Fi users and your company by securing your network from internet threats. No software to deploy or manage and setup in minutes.



What people say about Zscaler


“Our guest lounge had its internet access terminated—all due to a rogue guest Wi-Fi user downloading copyrighted materials that led the copyright holder to complain to our ISP. We now ensure that Zscaler is enabled on all our lounges.”

—Top 10 Global Airline


“We need to provide not only a technically safe public Wi-Fi experience, but also protect our customers … Zscaler gives me peace of mind that we are doing everything we can … to protect our customers and colleagues.”

—Major Supermarket Chain

The Problem

Everybody expects guest Wi-Fi, but nobody expects it to be risky.

Providing guest Wi-Fi is a chance to deliver a positive user experience that elevates perceptions of your organization or brand. That said, it can backfire if it puts your users or guests at risk.

Unprotected guest networks can become a liability if users download copyrighted or inappropriate material or leak sensitive data. Employees, too, are known to use guest networks to bypass security controls on the corporate network—and devices bouncing between secure and insecure networks can leave you exposed.


Applying security and control to guest Wi-Fi hasn’t been easy. You’ve had to backhaul all your internet traffic across your WAN or deploy appliances at all your sites, both of which are slow and costly—and only good for policy, not security. You could get a separate broadband connection and give up on security, but no one wants their guests exposed to malware.

The Solution

Zscaler is advanced protection made easy

With the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ platform, you can protect your guest users and enforce your acceptable use policies—no backhauling, no boxes.


All you need to do is change your DNS settings to Zscaler. It’s that simple. And, because DNS alone is insufficient for protecting users, Zscaler intelligently routes all suspicious traffic to its cloud native platform for full inline content inspection.


Zscaler Advanced Threat Protection blocks malicious active content, such as browser exploits, vulnerable ActiveX controls, malicious JavaScript, and cross-site scripting. It also inspects 100% of TLS/SSL traffic without any deterioration in performance or additional hardware or software.


The Zero Trust Exchange also allows you to route all of your guest Wi-Fi traffic via a GRE/IPsec tunnel for the highest level of security and compliance.


Get full visibility into guest Wi-Fi traffic, at all locations and all times, in the intuitive Zscaler reporting portal

Drill down by location or policy to investigate the riskiest users.

Zscaler Guest Wi-Fi Protection: all the security, none of the headaches
Set up guest Wi-Fi security in a matter of minutes, with no hardware or software to deploy and manage.
Secure the network and ensure compliance with privacy laws and other regulations.
Enable SafeSearch, advanced threat protection, or TLS/SSL inspection to fit your needs.
Gain full visibility into guest Wi-Fi traffic at all locations and at all times.
Drill down by location or policy to investigate the riskiest users.
Enjoy huge savings compared to backhauling guest traffic or deploying appliances.
Configure granular, easy-to-understand policies and reporting in minutes.
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