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Zero Trust Networking

Extend Zero Trust SASE across users, locations, and cloud services
Architecture Matters
The Zscaler Difference

What sets Zscaler Zero Trust Networking and SASE apart?

Eliminates lateral movement

Connectivity is a non-routable network overlay

Reduces complexity and cost
Reduces complexity and cost

Eliminates DC/cloud DMZs and site-to-site VPNs

Secures all communications
Secures all communications

AI-powered cyberthreat and data protection (TLS inspection at scale)

Optimize performance with AI

Expose and fix network, app, or device issues

Solution Overview

Zero trust principles lead to better security outcomes

In a zero trust architecture, all users, devices, and applications are inherently untrusted and can’t freely communicate with each other. Connectivity is brokered as needed based on business policies, identity, and context.

Apps are destinations, not network resources.
The network is transport; Zero Trust Networking is an overlay.
Users and devices connect to apps, not networks.

Solution Details

Zero Trust Networking for Users

Provide fast, secure, and direct connectivity to applications for your distributed workforce, third-party contractors, and B2B customers while delivering an exceptional user experience.

Key offerings

Zero Trust Remote App Access

Replace VPNs/VDI with zero trust access for your remote workforce.

Client Connector

Forward all traffic from managed endpoints (supports all leading operating systems).

Browser-Based Access

Give third party users clientless browser-based access to private apps.

Privileged Remote Access

Secure remote access to OT systems for vendors without exposed ports or VPNs.

Private Service Edge

Provide zero trust app access for on-premises users.

Zero Trust SD-WAN

Securely connect your sites and data centers without the complexity of VPNs, ensuring zero trust access between users, IoT/OT devices, and applications based on business policies.

Key offerings

Secure Branch/Factory Connectivity

Secure branch-to-cloud and branch-to-DC without MPLS or site-to-site VPNs.

Secure Internet/SaaS Access

Enforce cloud-based TLS/SSL inspection to provide cyber and data protection for user and IoT/OT device traffic.

Bandwidth Control

Prioritize business apps over recreational and personal apps.

IoT Discovery and Control

Discover and classify IoT devices. Secure internet/SaaS and private app access.

China Premium Access

Provide high-quality domestic and international internet, SaaS, and private app access.

Zero Trust Workload Communications

Securely connect your cloud workloads and radically simplify security by eliminating lateral movement, reducing operational cost and complexity, and ensuring consistent threat and data protection.

Key offerings

Multicloud Connectivity

Securely connect VPCs/VNETs across public clouds and regions.

Hybrid Connectivity

Eliminate site-to-site VPNs and DC/cloud DMZs.

App-to-App Segmentation

Ensure consistent threat and data protection.

Secure Internet/SaaS Connections

Provide TLS/SSL inspection for cyber and data protection.

Zero Trust Visibility

Zero trust architectures shut out existing network monitoring tools. Regain end-to-end visibility from device to app. Rapidly detect user experience issues and expose root cause using AI. Accelerate fixes and put employees back to work faster.

Key offerings

Network, App, and Device Monitoring

Get end-to-end visibility, and consolidate your monitoring stack.

AI-Powered Analysis to Accelerate MTTR

Instantly expose root causes of poor end user experience.

IT Self Service to Reduce Tickets

Intelligently detect device performance issues and guide users to fix them.

Proactive Incident Detection

Get in front of developing issues impacting offices, regions, or users.

The world's most trusted brands depend on Zscaler
The world's most trusted brands depend on Zscaler

The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers

Thousands of successful transformation journeys all began with one foundation.

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Customer Success Stories
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Enabling work from anywhere and zero trust connectivity for all branches, factories, and IoT/OT

“Zero Trust SD-WAN ... in combination with policy automation and experience monitoring as part of the Zscaler platform, will help us achieve operational excellence.”

—Rui Cabeço, Service Group Manager for Outbound Connectivity, Siemens

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